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In the event of an emergency

Tend to your immediate needs

Contact your local support network

Contact Virginia Tech

  • On Call International (security assistance provider)
    • Outside the U.S. - +1 603-952-2660
    • Within the U.S. - 1-877-714-8179
  • VT Global Safety
    • +1 540-750-5747
  • Virginia Tech Police Department
    • +1 540-231-6411 (ext. 1)

On Call International (CISI Assistance Provider)

+1 603 952 2660

VT Global Safety Emergency Line

+1 540 750 5747

VT Police Department

+1 540 231 6411 ext. 1

American Citizens Services and Crisis Management

+1 202 501 4444

Steger Center, Switzerland

+41 09 164 83651

  • Call On Call International at 603-952-2660 (collect) or email to set-up a case number and obtain directions/assistance
  • Do not delay in getting medical assistance as CISI will pay your medical bills and can work with any medical facility (either directly or claim reimbursement) 
  • Use the International Provider Search on CISI’s site to find CISI direct claim providers
  • Use the CISI Medical Claim Form
  • Keep receipts
  • Notify your host university and family
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Official CISI instructional video (with audio)

After an injured traveler has received medical support, employee injuries must be reported to both the Department of Human Resources and Environmental Health and Safety (EHS). For details, please see EHS’s emergency procedures.

  • Contact local police for immediate assistance
  • Inform nearest U.S. Embassy/Consulate and host university
  • Inform your host university



If you have been sexually harassed or sexually assaulted, first and foremost, ensure you are in a space you are physically safe. If needed, seek medical treatment immediately.

We want you to know you have access to the same support and resources you would if you were in Blacksburg. We understand the difficulty in coming forward, however encourage you to reach out to your in-country support network (program director, faculty-leader, international studies office) as they are physically with you and can advise you on the next steps specific to that country.

  • Contact the Global Education office at 540-750-5747 (24/7) or to let us know that you are okay and safe 
  • Provide as much information on your status as needed
  • Read your VT email daily
  • Contact nearest U.S. Embassy/Consulate
  • Do not make any statements prior to contacting a U.S. Embassy/Consulate
  • If only 1 phone call is allowed, consider calling VT (24/7 availability) 540-231-6411 (extension 1)
  • Inform your host university
  •  American embassies and consulates are limited in the assistance they can provide

They CAN:

  • visit you in jail after being notified of your arrest
  • provide information about judicial procedures
  • give you a list of local attorneys
  • notify your family and relay requests for money or other aid
  • intercede with local authorities to see to it that your rights under local laws are fully observed and that you are treated humanely
  • protest unfair imprisonment, mistreatment or abuse


  • demand your immediate release, get you out of jail or the country
  • represent you at trial or give legal counsel
  • pay legal fees and/or fines with U.S. government funds