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New Program Development Grants

The focus of the Global Education Grants for Program Development (GEO Grants) is to provide seed money to individual faculty members or groups of faculty interested in increasing study abroad participation, through either faculty-led initiatives or custom programs.

Funds can be used to develop a new program or enhance an existing program designed for underrepresented and underserved student populations that center access, inclusion, belonging, and equity. Typically, funds are requested for international travel to conduct a site visit in order to evaluate a study abroad location from an academic and student-service perspective, establish networks and partners in-country, and begin the groundwork for program and logistical planning.

The proposed programs/initiatives should be integrated into departmental curricula in ways that promote academic and financial sustainability. In addition, the program/initiative should be strategic, framed within a college or department’s established plan for internationalization and integrated into that unit’s offerings.

Specific application cycles may have designated priority areas in which awards will receive preference. 

Up to $3,000 may be requested in GEO funding support.

Preference will be given to quality proposals that meet one or more of the following measures:

  • Show support from the department or college. (Equal match or cash match is not required. However, any co-investment or contributions from the home department demonstrating the department’s commitment to internationalizing its curriculum will benefit the proposal.) 
  • Collaborate with Virginia Tech partner institutions or strategic study abroad affiliates/providers.
  • Develop a new program/initiative in Africa, Latin America, or India.
  • Employ emerging technologies to facilitate the development of global experiences
  • Funds can be used to support international travel costs associated with a site visit. Proposals must demonstrate how airfare or other travel-related funding requests are economical, realistic and represent good stewardship.
  • Funds can be used to support activities that will facilitate the intercultural learning of students within new or existing programs.
  • Funds can be used to enhance faculty skills in the design and teaching of intercultural competence by attending professional development opportunities focused in this area. 

Funding for multiple grants will be provided for each application cycle. A university-wide committee will review the proposals and make funding decisions. Funds will be managed and accounted for according to established university procedures. These grants are non-renewable and the selection committee will determine final amounts.

GEO grant funds are E&G funds and must be allocated within the designated fiscal year (prior to June 10). How and for which purpose(s) the funds can be used is department/college dependent. Please consult with your department chair/director and fiscal support during the proposal process as to the eligible use of funds.

Full-time teaching faculty/staff members are eligible to apply. Shared authorship of proposals is possible; co-authored proposals will share one grant. Faculty members should demonstrate that they would be sufficiently free of other commitments to be able to carry out the proposed work during the grant period. Proposals must relate to programs/initiatives that advance credit-bearing study abroad participation.

Faculty receiving grants are expected to fulfill the following requirements:

  • Complete the program/initiative that is approved for funding.
  • Submit all reporting requirements upon completion of the program/initiative. (See guidelines below.)
  • Participate in departmental or campus-wide activities designed to share the results of the project.

Proposals are submitted electronically through the Global Education website.

The application requests information on the author and any co-authors, a few short-answer questions, a 2-4 page narrative detailing the program/initiative; a budget for the grant-requested funds, and a letter of support (signaling department head/director's or college's support).

GEO grant applications are currently being accepted.

Apply Now 

  • GEO accepts grant applications from July – October with an October 15 deadline for the fall award cycle
  • GEO accepts grant applications from November – February with a February 15 for the spring award cycle

Awardees are required to submit an after-action report. A final report of 2-4 pages upon completion of the project should include the following information:

  • Summary of project objectives and participating faculty
  • Description of project activities and final timeline
  • Evaluation of outcomes and impact
  • Description of subsequent plans
  • Summary of expenses incurred

The contact person for questions about the Global Education Grants for Program Development (GEO Grants) is Rachel Fitzgerald.