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Curriculum Globalization Grants

Grant proposals are not currently being accepted. 

These grants are specifically to support teaching faculty in the development of undergraduate courses to be offered on Virginia Tech’s campus. While the Global Education Office strives to make meaningful study abroad a possibility for ever-increasing numbers of VT students, we recognize that there will always be a significant portion of the student population whose entire educational experience will take place on familiar soil, and for this reason we seek to facilitate the creation of personal, active, and challenging cross-cultural contact for our students on the home campus.
In offering the Curriculum Globalization Grants, we encourage faculty to think broadly and imaginatively about ways to bring VT students on campus into direct and meaningful contact with issues, perspectives, or cultural phenomena from around the world. Proposals should articulate a pedagogical approach designed to engage the students’ interest in these topics actively and personally.

Awards will be granted as follows:

  • For the modification of an existing course: $3,500
  • For the creation of a new course: $5,000

To apply, please submit the following:

  • a brief narrative describing your intended revision of an existing syllabus or outlining the details of the new globally focused course that you envision. Include in your narrative:
  • a clear definition of the desired outcomes for student learning, understanding, and development;
  • clearly defined content, strategies of implementation, and activities that will support the desired learning outcomes;
  • metrics by which outcomes will be measured;
  • evidence of the students’ active and personal engagement with such elements as critical issues, social and political perspectives, and individual voices from outside their accustomed cultural framework;
  • proposed course attributes (e.g., in what term(s) and how frequently will the course it be offered? How many students will it accommodate? Who will teach it? Will it be required or elective?)
  • a preliminary outline of course content, texts, potential assignments/projects, and weekly progression of classes
  • designation of the departmental fund to which the award should be transferred in the event your proposal is selected.*
  • Additional evaluative criteria include whether a course is sustainable over time and whether its framework and/or methods are adaptable to other courses and disciplines.

Applications should not exceed two pages (+ attachments) and should be submitted to
Grant recipients will be expected to submit their completed course proposals to the Global Education Office.
New or significantly revised courses should be ready for submission to the relevant department curriculum committee to begin the approval process by the beginning of the fall semester.

Revised syllabi which have not undergone changes of such magnitude as to require new approval should be ready to be taught during the academic year.
* NB: Because these grants are supported through this year’s FY E&G funds, applicants are urged to work with their departments to ensure that disbursement of the transferred funds to appropriate costs can be effected before the end of the fiscal year (June 30) or a carry-over can be requested.

Questions can be directed to Rachel Fitzgerald.

2019 Recipients

Name Department Course Title
Danna Agmon History Global Europe in the Modern Era
Timothy Baird Geography Africa Together: Empathizing with the Youngest Continent through Music, Disease and Violence
Mauro Caracciolo Political Science Global Latin America: Histories, Challenges, and Opportunities
Elizabeth Jamison Management Global Business, Society, & Pop Culture
Allan Lumba History Disability in the World
Suchitra Samanta Women's and Gender Studies/Sociology Global Women's & Gender Studies
Singh Balbir Religion and Culture Global Fashion: Bodies, Cultures, Politics
Thomas Skuzinski and Shadhidur Talukdar School of Public & International Affairs - Urban Affairs and Planning Building Sustainable Regions


2017 Recipients 

Name Department Course Title

Ozzie Abaye

Crop and Soil Environmental Sciences

Agriculture, Global Food Security and Health

Vanessa Diaz and Anisa M. Zvonkovic

Human Development

Immigrant Families: Child Development, and Acculturation

Sharon P. Johnson

Women’s and Gender Studies, Sociology

Gender and Sexual Violence in a Global Context

Brett Shadle


A History of Refugees

Thomas Skuzinski

School of Public & International Affairs - Urban Affairs and Planning

Legal Foundations of Planning

Thomas Thompson

 Agriculture and Life Science

Global Food Security and Health Capstone Experience

Vinodh Venkatesh

Foreign Languages & Literatures - Spanish

Spanish for the Natural Sciences

Rachel Weaver

School of Visual Arts – Creative Technologies

Creative Decolonization: Art, Technology, and Social Justice

2016 Recipients 

Name  Department Course Title

David Knight

Engineering Education

Global Engineering Practice: Leadership and Culture

Ana Bukvic


Global Climate Change and Societal Impacts

Danna Agmon


French Empire: Rights, Race, and Religion

Rebecca Hester & Emily Satterwhite

Science and Technology;
Religion and Culture

Societal Health in Local and Global Contexts

Michelle Moseley Christian

School of Visual Arts

Visualizing Early Modern Globalism

Brett Shadle


A Global History of Race

Rohan Kalyan

International Studies/Political Science

Media and Globalization: Communication Revolutions in the 21st Century

Heinrich Schnoedt

School of Architecture and Design

Dwelling and Culture: A Collaborative Study of Culturally Sensitive Housing Possibilities in Kuwait City

2015 Recipients 

Name Department Course Title

John Boyer


The World of Now

Mike Ellis

Mechanical Engineering

Sustainable Energy Solutions

Janine Hiller


Global Law and Ethics for Business

Luke Juran


Water and Hazards

Bettina Koch

Political Science

Issues in Comparative Political Theory

Ali Neff


Digital Africa

Katrina Powell


Narratives of Displacement and Exile

Matthew Spindler

Agricultural, Leadership, and Community Education

Agricultural Education and Training

Alan Weinstein

School of Performing Arts

Creativity and the Artistic Experience

Dale Wimberley


Social Problems