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Pre Flight Orientation

Pre-Flight November 30, 2021
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Pre-Flight Orientation for Summer and Fall 2022 study abroad programs (non-VT/Faculty-led) will be conducted in-person on April 19, 2022 at 6:30 p.m. in Goodwin Hall.

Pre-Flight for Students

Students participating on programs that are not faculty-led are required to attend Pre-Flight Orientation as a Virginia Tech requirement. Failure to attend will result in a hold on your transcript upon return from your program.

The orientation will address issues of academic, cultural, logistical, financial, and personal preparation, as well as health and safety. You will also hear from study abroad alumni, as well as have an opportunity to ask (international) students questions about your host country.

Even if your Third Party provides its own orientation, you still need to attend the Global Education Office Pre- Flight Orientation. If you're studying abroad more than once, you only need to attend one Pre-Flight Orientation.

Pre-Flight for Parents

There's a Pre-Flight Orientation for Parents, too! Please join us on Tuesday, April 26 at 5:30 p.m.

Topics include:

  • Registration and checklists
  • Credit transfer 
  • Financial Aid and scholarships 
  • Safety and risk management 
  • Visa and passports 
  • Cultural preparation 
  • Re-entry opportunities

Please note, topics covered may not be applicable to all students. Depending on the specifics of their program, requirements may vary.

Important Notes

  • Contact with any questions related to the Pre-Flight requirements or process.
  • Please read the FAQs section for guidance on visas, travel, and specific challenges posed by the current circumstances.
  • Please check back on the Global Education homepage for any important announcements.