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Mandatory Tasks while Abroad

Make sure you update any incorrect/incomplete information on your My Study Abroad account (i.e. if you didn’t know your abroad address prior to departure, or anytime your address abroad changes) 

  • The form (and instructions) can be found in your My Study Abroad account
  • The deadline for submitting the form is 2 weeks after the start of your study abroad program
  • Forms not received within 30 days after the start of your program will result in the cancellation of any pending financial aid
  • If you are going abroad a whole academic year, you will need to submit 2 Verification or Enrollment forms (one for each semester to be submitted at the start of each semester)
  • A Contractual or Consortium Agreement needs to be submitted before the Financial Aid office can disburse your scholarship(s) and/or financial aid (faculty-led excluded)
  • This form was sent to you by the Global Education Office prior to departure 
  • If you haven't submitted your Contractual or Consortium Agreement prior to departure, then you can request one from Marielle Wijnands
  • Forms not received within 30 days after the start of your program will result in the cancellation of any pending financial aid
  • While abroad, it is your responsibility to register for classes for the following semester at Virginia Tech
  • Register for courses through Hokie SPA
  • Check the Registrar’s website for timeline
  • It is your responsibility to request an official transcript from your study abroad provider or host institution upon completion of the program
  • We advise you do this prior to leaving your host country
  • Transcripts need to come from an accredited university (the registrar will not accept transcripts with a Third Party Logo)
  • Transcripts need to be in English or accompanied by an official English translation
  • Transcripts MUST arrive in a sealed envelope
  • Request extra transcripts for your own files
  • Pay your bills before leaving (outstanding bills could prevent the release of your transcript)


Where should my transcript be sent?

Request that your official transcript be sent to the Global Education Office (or ISEP if applicable). Transcripts MUST arrive in a sealed envelope to our office.

Global Education Office (room 131)

526 Prices Fork Road

Blacksburg, VA 24061, USA

What if my transcript needs to be translated? 

  • You can request someone to translate it for you (NOT Google Translate)
  • The GEO can translate transcripts for the following languages (Italian, French, German, Dutch, Spanish and Arabic)
  • If none of the above are an option, then you would have to contact an outside translation agency:


When will my transcript be processed?

  • Foreign transcripts can take weeks to arrive at Virginia Tech
  • It can take up to two months for your transfer credit to show up on your Hokie SPA


TIP: It is always a good idea to return with copies of the course syllabi, reading lists, papers, and exams (sometimes departments evaluate certain courses upon your return)