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VT Police Department 540 231 6411                
Global Education Office
540 750 5747
AXA Assistance (medical)
312 935 1703    (collect)  
American Citizens Services and Crisis Management
1 202 501 4444
  • Call AXA Assistance at 312-935-1703 (collect) or email medassist-usa@axa-assistance.U.S. to set up a case# and obtain directions/assistance
  • Do not delay in getting medical assistance as CISI will pay your medical bills and can work with any medical facility (either directly or claim reimbursement) 
  • Use the International Provider Search on CISI’s site to find CISI direct claim providers
  • Use the CISI Medical Claim Form
  • Keep receipts
  • Notify your host university and family
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Official CISI instructional video (with audio)

  • Contact local police for immediate assistance
  • Inform nearest U.S. Embassy/Consulate and host university
  • Inform your host university



  • Seek medical attention
  • Report the incident to your host university
  • Email VT Title IX Coordinator Kathryn Polidoro or call at 540-231-1824 
  • Contact Global Education Office emergency number at 540-750-5747 (24/7)
  • Contact the Global Education office at 540-750-5747 (24/7) or to let us know that you are okay and safe 
  • Provide as much information on your status as needed
  • Read your VT email daily
  • Contact nearest U.S. Embassy/Consulate
  • Do not make any statements prior to contacting a U.S. Embassy/Consulate
  • If only 1 phone call is allowed, consider calling VT (24/7 availability) 540-231-6411 (extension 1)
  • Inform your host university
  •  American embassies and consulates are limited in the assistance they can provide

They CAN:

  • visit you in jail after being notified of your arrest
  • provide information about judicial procedures
  • give you a list of local attorneys
  • notify your family and relay requests for money or other aid
  • intercede with local authorities to see to it that your rights under local laws are fully observed and that you are treated humanely
  • protest unfair imprisonment, mistreatment or abuse


  • demand your immediate release, get you out of jail or the country
  • represent you at trial or give legal counsel
  • pay legal fees and/or fines with U.S. government funds
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The video is a compilation of all the information mentioned in the tabs above (no audio)