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Third Party Providers

  • These non-VT affiliated organizations administer study abroad programs and act as intermediaries for logistics (i.e. housing, transcript)
  • Often onsite staff offers orientation, support services, field trips, and cultural activities
  • This option is most cost effective for out-of-state students 

Program fees (covering tuition) are paid directly to the Third Party (you don’t pay any VT tuition)

$ 50 (GEO fee). Additional fees vary per Third Party provider

  • The cost of room and board is included in the total program cost
  • Housing will be arranged
  • Housing varies from a home-stay (living with a local family) to dorms or apartments
  • Transfer credit (T-credit)
  • Grades do not transfer
  • Does not impact GPA
  • Must achieve a "C" at least to receive T-credit

Placement is usually guaranteed

Usually require a minimum 2.5 GPA (UK programs often require a min. 3.0 GPA)

  • Summer
  • Winter session
  • Semester
  • Academic Year

Immersion level varies by program (often you go with students from other U.S. universities)

Application through Third Party website 

REQUIRED (register right after you’ve applied to your study abroad program)

Application deadlines vary: check with the Third Party providers

  • Is the program open to all majors?
  • Is the program open to all years (freshmen)?
  • Are courses taught in English? (If you want to study in the host language, we recommend that you have successfully completed a 3000-level course in the local language)
  • Are there specific requirements (i.e. GPA, pre-requisite courses)

TEAN (The Education Abroad Network) will provide each Virginia Tech participant:

  • $500 scholarship for semester programs
  • $150 for summer programs and internships
  • Five $1000 scholarships for fall 2018 and spring 2019 in the Korea University semester program (contact if you want to apply to this scholarship)
  • Two $1000 scholarships to the College of Business participants in the Singapore Management University semester programs (contact if you want to apply to this scholarship)
  • What is included in the total cost (passport, visa, insurance, immunization, airplane ticket, meals, cell phone, books/supplies)
  • Deadline flexibility
  • Discounts for VT students
  • Scholarships offered by the Third Party
  • Application fee (is it non-refundable)
  • Application requirements (letter of recommendation, essay, official transcript etc.)
  • GPA minimum / GPA flexibility (would a letter of recommendation help if the GPA is too low)
  • Notification timeline about acceptance into the program
  • Transcripts (they need to come from a U.S. institution, School of Record or host university)
  • Costs for requesting a transcript
  • Course restrictions
  • Orientation (pre-travel or on-site) (mandatory)
  • Course list / curriculum availability (for VT course approval)
  • Program competitiveness
  • Excursions (mandatory)
  • On-site centers / on-site staff availability (guidance provided)
  • Location where courses are taught (at on-site centers or at a local university)
  • Faculty (from local universities, from the Third Party or both)
  • Housing options (homestay, residence hall, apartment, on/off campus)
  • Group flight option
  • Airport pick-up
  • Emergency protocol (access to medical resources)
  • Cancellation, withdrawal, and refund policies
  • Student population (just U.S. or also international and local students)
  • Language requirements (English courses versus native language courses)

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