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Autonomous Study Programs

  • There are many countries where it is very cheap to enroll into a university (tuition for public universities in most European countries ranges anywhere between no tuition to $ 1000 a semester, even for non-EU students)
  • Key is to check if the university allows semester enrollment even if VT doesn’t have a partnership with them 
  • This option can be cost effective for both in-state and out-of-state students

Tuition and fees are paid directly to the host university at local rates (you don’t pay any VT tuition)

$ 50 (GEO fee)

  • You pay room and board to the host university
  • You need to work with the host institution to determine most affordable housing
  • Housing varies from dorms to apartments
  • Transfer credit (T-credit)
  • Grades do not transfer
  • Does not impact GPA
  • Must achieve a "C" at least to receive T-credit

Depending on the university, spaces for international non-degree seeking students may be limited

Usually require a minimum 2.5 GPA (UK programs often require a min. 3.0 GPA)

  • Summer
  • Winter session
  • Semester
  • Academic Year

High immersion level (live and study with local / international students)

Application through host university website

REQUIRED (register right after you’ve applied to your study abroad program)

Application deadlines vary: you can often enroll until close to the start of the academic year

  • Is the program open to all majors?
  • Is the program open to all years (freshmen)?
  • Are courses taught in English? (If you want to study in the host language, we recommend that you have successfully completed a 3000-level course in the local language)
  • Are there specific requirements (i.e. GPA, pre-requisite courses)

Go to the host institution’s website (international section) and verify the following:

  1. Non-degree seeking: do they accept fee-paying visiting students, often referred to as ‘free-movers’ (which is different than international students who enroll for a degree)
  2. Non-partnership: do they accept semester/academic year students even without a partnership with Virginia Tech
  • You are responsible for finding universities that allow autonomous study
  • You are responsible for preparing and submitting the application on your own
  • European universities might have different tuitions for non-EU students
  • Be aware that some low/no tuition institutions have limited study places for students from outside Europe
  • The host university will be able to point you to the most affordable and easily obtained housing options

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