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Credit Transfer

  • Regardless of program type (VT or non-VT), you will have to go through your academic advisor to get your courses pre-approved (faculty-led programs excluded)
  • All programs are awarded transfer credit (T) (faculty-led programs are awared VT-credit)
  • Final approval of transcript and number of credits awarded will be contingent upon the Registrar     

If you wish to transfer credit back to Virginia Tech, you must submit the Authorization to Take Courses Abroad Form, regardless of the program type (VT Exchange, ISEP Exchange, Third Party, Autonomous Study) (faculty-led excluded)

  • If going on VT exchange or ISEP program, you can wait till after you are accepted into a program
  • If going through a Third Party or Autonomous Study, you could choose to submit the form prior to acceptance to make sure your courses are pre-approved
  • In general, submit the form as soon as possible, but definitely prior to departure
Courses must be taken at an accredited degree-granting institution recognized by the host-country’s Ministry of Higher Education
A course passed at VT takes priority over a transfer equivalent course (be careful of course duplications)

Pass/Fail, extra credit, home study courses, correspondence courses, terminal or vocational courses do not transfer
If you’re completing more than one degree (not a second major) only courses for your primary degree will transfer 
Online courses are eligible for transfer
Students completing more than one degree (not a second major) must complete an extra 30 hours for their second degree in residence (at Virginia Tech) - NO EXCEPTIONS
Only courses with a grade of “C” or better will transfer  To graduate, at least 25% of total credits for major(s) and minor(s) must be taken at Virginia Tech
Only credits transfer (you receive transfer-credit (T), so grades do not transfer 
Of the last 45 hours before graduation, only 18 semester hours will transfer from another institution
Transfer credits do not affect GPA, but if applying to graduate school, transcripts may be examined
Authorization is denied if you are on academic suspension when you take the course(s)

STEP 1Global Education Office: Only fill out the ‘Student and Host Institution Information’. Next, have the Global Education Office sign the form confirming that the institution issuing your transcript is either an accredited U.S. college/university/school of record, or a degree-granting foreign university recognized by the host country’s Ministry of Higher Education. If you do not know who issues the transcript for the program you are on, ask the organization or university you are applying with “Who will issue my final transcript for this program?”

To have the Global Education Office sign this form, please complete and upload the form to the Global Education Secure Form Upload portal. 



STEP 2Fill out the rest of the form (Credit Information, Course Selection, and Student Signature): 

  • List a few EXTRA courses in case a course has been cancelled when you arrive at your host institution (you don’t have to take all the courses listed on this form) 
  • Be aware that foreign credits/units/modules are NOT automatic equivalents to VT credits (for example: the credit system used in most European countries is ECTS, and the ratio to VT credits is 2:1. This means that a course worth 4 ECTS is equivalent to only 2 VT credits. Half credits will not be rounded up) 
  • Submit a separate form for each term and institution where you plan to take courses 
  • Email your advisor/dept. representative while abroad and you want/need to take different courses than listed on this form; do not wait until you return to Virginia Tech! 

STEP 3Attach to the form a syllabus/course description or send an email with the syllabi links to your advisor/dept. representative: This information can be obtained from your host university’s website (documents must be in English)

STEP 4Academic Advisor / Dept. Representative for respective major: Have advisor for the major for which the courses will fulfill requirements sign the form (even if taking courses outside your college to fulfill requirements for the respective major still work with your advisor for the respective major and college)

STEP 5Dean’s Office: Send the form to the Dean’s office of your college. Please allow 3 months for final approval.

You will receive an email when the request form has been reviewed. Please see the list below to identify the appropriate point of contact for your college—reach out to this point of contact for instructions on how to submit your Authorization form for their final signature. They will provide the completed form to the Registrar’s Office.

  • It is your responsibility to request an official transcript from your study abroad provider or host institution upon completion of the program
  • We advise you do this prior to leaving your host country
  • Transcripts need to come from an accredited university (the registrar will not accept transcripts with a Third Party Logo)
  • Transcripts need to be in English or accompanied by an official English translation
  • Transcripts MUST arrive in a sealed envelope
  • Request extra transcripts for your own files
  • Pay your bills before leaving (outstanding bills could prevent the release of your transcript)

Where should my transcript be sent?

  • Request that your official transcript be sent to the Global Education Office (or ISEP if applicable). Transcripts MUST arrive in a sealed envelope to our office.

Global Education Office (room 131)

526 Prices Fork Road

Blacksburg, VA 24061, USA

What if my transcript needs to be translated? 

  • You can request someone to translate it for you (NOT Google Translate)
  • The GEO can translate transcripts for the following languages (Italian, French, German, Dutch, Spanish and Arabic)
  • If none of the above are an option, then you would have to contact an outside translation agency:

When will my transcript be processed?

  • Foreign transcripts can take weeks to arrive at Virginia Tech
  • It can take up to two months for your transfer credit to show up on your Hokie SPA

TIP: It is always a good idea to return with copies of the course syllabi, reading lists, papers, and exams (sometimes departments evaluate certain courses upon your return)

  • Transcripts can take weeks (sometimes a few months) to arrive at Virginia Tech
  • If a reasonable amount of time has passed and your credits are not showing up on Hokie SPA, contact our office at for help to track down your records
  • It is vital that your credit transfers take place within 6 months after the end of your program, especially if you received financial aid (because you risk having to go into repayment)