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Experiential Learning with Creative Technologies


Vauquois, France, and Ypres, Belgium
Summer Session I 2020, (June 18-July 2)

Program Description

This course is an intensive fieldwork course designed to create informal learning experiences through the use of cutting-edge technology for the documentation and reconstruction of historic and cultural heritage sites and artifacts. The field work will occur in northeastern France and western Belgium, along the course of the former Western Front of the First World War.

Through experiential learning and the hands-on application of techniques such as laser-scanning, photogrammetry, structured-light capture, and 360-degree video, combined with historical inquiry, learning theory, archaeology and material culture curation, students will gain a practical understanding of the tools and techniques for creating learning experiences and exhibits that represent the past via immersive experiences such as virtual and augmented reality. 

Program Highlights

  • Tour of Meuse-Argonne Battlefield Tour and American Cemetary
  • Ypres Cloth Hall Museum
  • Hooge Crater Museum
  • The Hill of Vauquois
  • The Douaumont Ossuary
  • Fort De Douaumont
  • The Trench of the Bayonet
  • Montfaucon
  • Active Archaeology Sites

David Hicks
Professor, History and Social Science Education
400A War Memorial Hall

Todd Ogle
Executive Director, Applied Research in Immersive Environments and Simulations
University Libraries, 560 Drillfield Drive
(540) 231-3562

Martha Jensen
Faculty Support Associate
Global Education Office
(540) 232-8669