Insurance coverage is a mandatory University requirement for all students studying abroad. Inform yourself and help us ensure you are protected while abroad. Scroll down for important information.

Important Documents

Global Travel Policy 1070


About CISI

CISI is a leading provider in travel emergency and evacuation situations, which offers affordable coverage that can be purchased in small increments (one week/two week/threeweeks/monthly). 

Coverage Rates

Coverage Period Rates
One week (1-8 days) $9.10
Two weeks (9-15 days) $18.20
Three weeks (16-22 days) $27.30
Monthy rate (for >22 days or multiple months) $34.75


Classification Rates & Coverage Period
Non-Study Abroad (VTH-Other) $18.20/week or $69.50/month
Dependents on academic programs
$20/week or $137.05/month
Dependents on business trips not related to students
$31.04/week or $118.50/month

Important Documents

VT CISI Policy Brochure

Client Portal Guide

CISI Medical Claim Form

CISI Waiver Request Form


How to Enroll

If you are studying abroad, but not on a faculty-led program, you may enroll online by following the instructions below.

  1.  Go to the CISI self enrollment page.
  2. Enter VTH-SE for Sponsor Code.
  3. Under Personal Data, you may enter the Program Name, but you do not need to enter a Participant ID.
  4. Be prepared to pay for the insurance with a credit card. CISI costs approximately $35/month, regardless of your age or destination.
  5. Once your payment has processed, you will be able to save as a pdf, print, or email your insurance information and ID card. (You can also login to the online system at any time to retrieve this information.)

Students participating on faculty-led programs are required to be enrolled in the BOV-mandated CISI insurance policy. Faculty program leaders should include the total group cost of the CISI coverage as a line item in the program budget and collect through the students' program fee. 

For program leaders to group enroll:

1. Download the enrollment spreadsheet: Virginia Tech CISI Group Enrollment Template 2016-17. Please contact Randy Penson to receive the password.

2. Complete: Fill out all columns highlighted in white on the spreadsheet.

3. Submit: In order to adhere to FERPA guidelines for safeguarding student information, please DO NOT e-mail your spreadsheet. Instead, please submit it to us via the Google Drive folder. Please see full instructions here.

4. Pay invoice. Once your group has been enrolled in the coverage plan by a CISI agent, you will receive an email notifying you that an invoice has been placed on Scholar to be paid from your study abroad local fund via HokieMart.


If you have any questions or concerns during the process you may contact or call (540) 231-5888.

Dependents are required to be covered by CISI if they are accompanying a sponsor (spouse, parent, etc.) abroad. CISI coverage for VT employees, students, guests, and/or volunteers (individuals with a specific business purpose) is reimbursable. However, CISI coverage for dependents is not reimbursable and the sponsor is responsible for the costs. 

Important Documents

CISI Academic Dependent Enrollment form (for travel abroad with an academic component)
CISI Business Dependent Enrollment form (for Virginia Tech employee travel abroad for business and does not have an academic component)

Save and then send as an e-mail attachment to: or fax to 203-399-5226.  Call (203) 399-5134 or e-mail with any enrollment questions.  

The university requires that all Virginia Tech faculty, staff, and documented representatives traveling for business purposes enroll in the university-approved Global Travel Insurance. 

The approved Global Travel Insurance provider is Cultural Insurance Services International (CISI). The CISI plan provides emergency medical coverage and evacuation, security evacuation, and repatriation services. This coverage is provided on a per person fee basis. The cost for CISI coverage is an allowable international travel expense.

Please see the Virginia Tech Risk Management website to enroll.

If you have unique circumstances, please do not hesitate to contact Michelle Tompkins or 540-231-7439.

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