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Fulbright Recipients

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Names that are links will bring you to a news article about each faculty grant recipient and their international work.

2015 Nicole Sanderlin College of Engineering  India
2015-2016 Deborah Milly Political Science Japan
2015 Carol Mullen Education China
 2015 Nancy McGehee Hospitality and Tourism Management Portugal
 2010-2011 Cynthia Bonner Education Germany
2010-2011 Janine Hiller Business Sweden
2010-2011 Tom Burbey Geosciences France
 2010-2011 Thomas Fox Forestry Chile
 2008-2009 Robin Kay Panneton Psychology Canada
2008-2009 Mary Alice Barksdale Education South Africa
 2008-2009 Barbara Lynn Allen Sociology Italy
2007-2008 Simone Therese Poirier-Bures American Studies Kyrgyz Republic
2007-2008 Zenobia Lawrence Hikes Seminar Program Japan
2006-2007 Dawn Virginia Odell Art History China
2006-2007 Asim Esen Biological Sciences Turkey
2005-2006 France Belanger Information Sciences Portugal
 2004-2005 Mahmood Khan Business India
2004-2005 Larry French Business Portugal
2003-2004 Brian Robert Murphy Fisheries, Wildlife Mexico
2002-2003, 1981 Curtis Finch Voc-Tech Education Taiwan
2002-2003, 1987 Philip Huang Business Administration, Management Science Japan, Portugal
2002-2003, 2001-2002, 1988 Peter Lee Schmitthenner History India
2001-2002 Arthur Louis Buikema Jr. Biological Sciences Zimbabwe
2001-2002 William Daniel Hohenboken Agriculture Turkey
2001-2002 Daniel Barrett Thorp American History New Zealand
2000-2001 Joseph S. Chen Business Administration Taiwan
2000-2001 Mary Anna Fariello Art Panama
2000-2001 Michael Saffle CIS Finland
2000-2001 Jane Wemhoener VACIE Germany
1999 Khidir Hilu Biology Morocco
1998-1999 Eric Hallerman Fisheries/Wildlife Israel
1998 Thomas Caceci Veterinary Medicine India
1997-1998 Michael Hochella Geology Germany
1997-1998 Wayne Moore Political Science Japan
1996 Thomas Gardner English Finland
1995 Timothy Luke Political Science New Zealand
1994-1995 Ota Barta Veterinary Medicine Austria
1994-1995 Theo A. Dillaha Biological Systems Engineering Mauritius
1993-1994 John L. Eaton Graduate School Germany
1993, 1979, 1989 Bernard LaBerge Graduate School Germany, Japan
 1993 Richard Veilleux Horticulture Greece
1992-1993 Kenneth A. Eriksson Geology Zimbabwe
1992-1993 Diana Farkas Materials Science and Engineering Brazil
1992, 1982, 1980, 1978 Bradley Hertel Sociology India, Nepal
1991-1992 Bernard Dukore Theatre Arts UK/Ireland
1991-1992 Milos Hudlicky Chemistry Spain
1991 Andrea Kavanagh Urban Affairs and Planning Tunisia
1990-1991, 1987-1988 Milka Bilznakov Architecture Bulgaria, Germany
1990-1978 Marshall Fishwich Communications, Humanities Italy, India, Korea
 1990-1991 Gary L. Long Chemistry Israel